What We Offer


  • Script Breakdown and Budgeting services
    • We will take your script and break it down in order to create a budget, catalog and proposed schedule, so you will know exactly what you will need to properly execute your project.


  • Co-Production/Crew Referral services
    • Attach us to your production and we can provide help insuring your project as well as finding you the key crew you might need.


  • Camera and Sound Equipment Rentals
    • We have affordable rentals for an independent or ENG shoot including:
      • Canon C100 Mark II w/ Cage
      • Multiple Lenses
      • 8ft Cobra Crane
      • Manfrotto 503 Fluid Head Tripod
      • Shape Shoulder Rig
      • Cinegears Wireless Follow Focus
      • Tascam D-40 Field Recorder
      • Sennheiser Shotgun/Boom Microphone
      • Sennheiser G3 Lavalier Microphones


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